Mission Statement

We the Brothers of St. Patrick (Patrician Brothers) inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, rise to Proclaim HIS OPTION FOR THE POOR. WE hold all of creation to be holy and worthy of reverence. Its song of praise is spoiled only by sin. We dedicate ourselves to restore right relationship to our world by compassion and action for justice. Like Daniel Delany (the founder of the Brothers of St. Patrick), we refuse to separate our faith from life. Through living Brotherhood and prayer, we strive for a union of hearts and minds, which will transform us and lead us to witness and ser-vice. We set ourselves firmly against whatever may cause

injustice. We tend to the marginalize and in so doing, glorify our creator-God.

We resolve to carry forward the enduring education initiatives of our forebear and the newer ministries of our Apostolate, but we will test them all, for their benefit to the poor and for the sake of justice. Wherever we are, we will promote wholeness, welcome and self-worth.

As the future unfolds, our hope remains secure. Because our call is for service, we are ready to venture, risk even fail, that some good might take hold, that some hope might be shared and that the poor might have their voice heard.